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How and where our babies sleep makes a big difference in their health. In fact, it’s one of the best ways to help prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and sleep-related deaths. Reduce all babies’ risk for SIDS by learning a few STEPS to SAFE SLEEP. Through our love, our strength, and our working together, we can make sure that every baby in Louisiana takes their first steps to a bright future!

Are You a Safe Sleep RockSTAR?

WHERE and HOW you put your baby to sleep might save their life! Be a safe sleep rockstar.

Check your skills by taking this quiz. And then help others to up their game!

Question #:

Your crib is assembled and ready for baby! What should go in it ?

Good Job!

You know your stuff! Babies are safest in a pack ‘n play or an empty crib with a firm mattress and tightly fitted sheet. Remember – alone doesn’t mean lonely!


Even though it seems cozy, all those soft objects are actually dangerous for baby. Bumpers, stuffed animals, pillows, toys and blankets all increase baby’s risk of suffocation. Babies should sleep in a pack ‘n play or an empty crib with a firm mattress and tightly fitted sheet.


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Great job! You’re a Safe Sleep Rockstar! And Rockstars share their shine: share with everyone who looks after babies, so they can become Safe Sleep Rockstars, too. Remember – safe sleep saves lives!

Not too bad…You’re on your way to becoming a Safe Sleep Rockstar! Safe sleep saves lives, so work on checking off more of the steps to safe sleep. Find them all at

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Yes, safe sleep isn’t as simple as it sounds, but it’s worth it: safe sleep saves lives! Explore to learn how your baby can sleep safely. With time, you’ll be a Safe Sleep Rockstar!

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