We have free media materials available, including postcards and resources for use in healthcare facilities, community organizations and beyond. These materials are designed to stimulate dialogue and build open and honest communication between caregivers, providers, and the greater community about the safety of OUR children.

Radio Ads

The campaign radio commercials have been run in the following cities:
New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Alexandria, Shreveport/Bossier City,
Lafayette, Lake Charles, and Monroe.

Advice from a Father (2017) 

(30 Seconds) In this PSA, a father talks about losing his child to suffocation and speaks about the importance of safe sleep practices.

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Tanya and Lori: Instructions for the Babysitter (2017) 

(30 Seconds) Tanya is talking to her babysitter, Lori. She tells Lori what she needs to do to make sure her baby sleeps safely.

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Auntie J’s Words of Wisdom (2017) 

(30 Seconds) Auntie J is the matriarch of the family. She is visiting her niece, Tanya, who is a new mother. Auntie J has some important advice for Tanya.

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Auntie J’s Words of Wisdom 

(60 Seconds) Auntie J is the matriarch of the family. She is visiting her niece who is a new mother.

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What Khadijah Learned from Auntie J 

(60 Seconds) Khadijah is talking to Lori, and passes on the information and an important story from Auntie J about safe sleep practices.

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Announcer Version: Auntie J 

(30 Seconds) An older female authority figure speaks about the importance of safe sleep practices.

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Nurse’s Visit 

(60 Seconds) Nia is a new mother getting her first visit by a pediatric nurse after giving birth. The nurse addresses safe sleep practices.

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Safe Sleep Videos


Safe Sleep for Your Baby (2012) 

For Parents/Caregivers

This 10-minute video is part of the Safe to Sleep campaign (formerly the Back to Sleep campaign), an effort to educate parents & caregivers about ways to reduce the risk of sudden infant death.


Safe Sleep for Babies 

For Parents/Caregivers

Updated, 12-minute video on Safe Sleep from US Consumer Product Safety Commission (SPC), Keeping Baby Safe, and AP, moderated by Joan Lunden.


B’more Babies Safe Sleep Campaign Video 

For Parents

TRIGGER WARNING: Frank discussion of infant death

7-minutes video in which three mothers share powerful stories about losing their infants due to unsafe sleeping environments. Another mother discusses learning about safe sleep. Mothers and a doctor share safe sleep practices in connection to cultural practices. This video is part of Baltimore’s Babies Safe Sleep campaign.


Safe Sleep Practices (2012) 

For Providers

TRIGGER WARNING:  Visual depiction of infant death scenes using dolls

A Virginia pediatric and forensic pathologist discusses infant fatalities that have occurred in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area due to unsafe sleep practices. The video demonstrates how unsafe sleep environments led to deaths and shows how to provide a safe sleep environment.

Campaign Research

Findings from the Louisiana SIDS and Partners Healthy Babies study that was conducted with mainly African American women in the New Orleans area.  The study measured awareness, knowledge and behaviors of regarding a “safe sleep environment.”

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Give Your Baby Space Billboard

If you have access to funding and are interested in a partnership that will bring a campaign billboard to your region, please contact Karis Schoellmann via e-mail at Karis.Schoellmann@la.gov.